"You won't achieve anything extraordinary without a clear vision and a plan to get there"

You know the dreams and goals you want....

Are you living them or are you procrastinating, delaying action or distracting yourself (hello social media!)?

You know the wellbeing you want. A focused, clear mind and energised body. Vibrant and healthy.

You know the finances you want. To be more than comfortable. To buy that house. Quit your job. Travel the world.

You know the relationships you want. Deep. Meaningful and connected.

You know the future you want. Freedom. Fun. Passion. Purpose. Joy.

Maybe you've tried to create these things in your life. Perhaps as New Years Resolutions when the clock ticks over into what feels like a brand new start as you open that beautiful dream journal filled with blank pages of unwritten possibilities.

Yet life got busy.

You were tired.

It felt too hard.

...and so you settled.

Whether it's a new business, health and fitness routine or extraordinary (and impossible dreams) procrastination and resistance set in clouding your inspiration. Your desires become lost in a sea of doubt, fear, obstacles and set backs. 

Why does this feel so hard?

How does she/he create a better life?

Why can't I do it? 

You always feel so inspired to make changes yet when it comes to actually making these happen, that's where you stop.

Perhaps you began to believe that you couldn't really live the life you envisioned and wanted so badly because you were not capable of making it happen?

You find yourself compromising your dream body, financial goals and big beautiful life for your cozy comfort zone. Settling feels easier than pushing through the fear of the unknown. 

Your dreams slowly fade into life's 'busyness'. 

Until....something new and exciting draws you attention and pulls you in. It's a new vision/dream/goal! Now THIS is what you want!

Feeling inspired you begin the entire process...again.

The result. NEVER fully achieving your big extraordinary game-changing dreams and therefore the life you want. 

Sound familiar?

I've been there. Countless times.

I used to be the woman who had a million ideas to make changes in my life. Big dreams would circle around in my mind with clear visions of how I wanted my life to look. As each idea would come in I felt incredibly excited, inspired and motivated to make it happen.

Without much planning but a whole lot of enthusiasm I would write out the main things I needed to do (most often the enjoyable steps).

But then I would hit a few obstacles.

Within the detail my clarity became clouded and I no longer felt so inspired about this vision after all. Procrastination would set in and I would find myself questioning whether this was what I really wanted?

Soon enough this dream was pushed aside.

As a result many of my ideas never made it past my post-it-note wall.

This happened enough times where I began to doubt my ability to change my circumstances. The vision was there but the follow through wasn't and I felt stuck in resistance.

Then I met a man (no, not my husband).

I invested in a mentor who had turned his life around and become a millionaire within two years. This man lived by a set of principles and was passed down a process by his mentor to achieve anything he desired.

I began devouring his principles but more importantly implemented his 'process'.

That was when the light bulb went off. Holy moly did life change! (a 'where have you been my whole life' type moment)

I could see EXACTLY why I hadn't followed through on the things I wanted. I noticed the blocks in my path, the holes in my planning and why I would procrastinate and bump up against resistance.

As a result my business income went from $50k per year to well into six figures. In one year! And I worked less hours.

The combination of crystal clear planning, overcoming my weaknesses, effective partnering and working with my natural personality (not against it) made my dreams not only realistic but achievable.

Now I know I can actually create ANYTHING I desire.

This isn't fluff (I don't do fluff). It's the real deal. It is NOT about wishing, hoping, visualising or meditating on creating your dreams. This IS about the right steps, in the right way where you become EFFECTIVE... not just busy.

Secret - this is the same process Steven Spielberg uses to create his incredible block buster movies. How do I know? Because the millionaire I learnt this from went to school with Steven and they are mates.

Seriously, if that guy can roll out a year (sometimes multiple year) long project with so many moving parts using this same process. You can achieve your big extraordinary goals.

And it's not hard. It takes a little effort, yes. But anyone can do it.

You can Vision Create any area of your life which you want to enhance...your business, career, social life, health, body, romantic relationships and more. I have done this for my marriage, my wellness and my finances.

Why Do We Get Excited About Our Dreams Yet Rarely Follow Through & Make Them A Reality?

For a number of reasons...

1. A dream is just a vision without a plan. 

Most people have visions of a  better life yet very few achieve this. Why is that?

Because without a step-by-step plan that is created in such a way where you activate the brains natural productivity rhythm it's impossible to call that vision into your reality. This is where your dreams die inside of you. Don't let that happen!

2. Life gets busy and your calendar fills quickly. 

Fitting in the necessary actions around your life means things become delayed and rescheduled or you think to yourself 'I'll do it when I have more time". That is when days if not weeks pass by and you lose faith in your vision. Life gets busy. The key is to integrate your vision process into your calendar and re-prioritise your time.

3. As humans we innately take the path of least resistance. 

When things get hard you may look for an easier way which usually means finding something much more enjoyable to do than the work you 'need' to do (Game Of Thrones, facebook scrolling and just another cup of tea, right?!). A mindset shift needs to occur. Your focus must be on something other than your feelings and emotions. You will learn what to focus on in this workshop.

4. You have a unique set of skills, talents and gifts. 

In order to call in your vision there is a path to get you there. Some elements of this path will play towards your strengths...other areas will be your weakness. It's in your weaknesses where you feel resistance which can mask itself as procrastination, distraction or thoughts such as 'maybe this isn't right?'. It's not that it's not necessarily the wrong path. Everything worthwhile takes a little effort. It's about learning how to overcome your weaknesses effectively to continue towards your vision.

This is where the Vision Creation process comes in.

You will: 

  • Get clear on what you want and the path to get there.
  • Discover how to expand time to achieve your goal.
  • Learn how to push through resistance.
  • Understand how to use your personality and strengths (where you feel most inspired) and let go of the rest (which drains you).

It is the answer to calling in your dream life, marriage, relationships, body or wealth.

In this Online Workshop you will:

  • Learn how to map out your desired life goals (health, wealth, fitness, relationships, business/career) into a crystal clear path to follow.
  • Discover how to create space to focus on your goals which equal BIG results in a short amount of time.
  • Learn how to move through your feelings and emotions to breakthrough procrastination and resistance (following your emotions will only recreate your past circumstances - hello self-sabotage!).
  • Understand your natural born personality style (total light bulb moment) showing why you haven't achieved what you wanted in the past and how to bypass resistance so you can continue to move forward towards your vision.
  • Learn how to remain inspired towards your vision.

The Vision Creation Workshop

You will discover:

  • Why you must Vision Create if you want to achieve anything worthwhile. Because you can't just wing it and pray things work out. Not when creating an extraordinary life.
  • How it works so successfully to bring your dreams and goals into reality. 
  • The game-changing Vision Mapping process: how to get anything you want using the same process the great minds of our time have used.

Plus these bonuses:

BONUS 1: Creating extraordinary success in minimum time

BONUS 2: The Mindset for Life Mastery

BONUS 3: How to move past every fear you have (and the secret to overcoming your fear of failure)

How Does It Work?

As soon as you join

You will get immediate access to the Online Vision Creation Workshop and Workbook to move through at your own pace.

You have lifetime access to this online workshop. 

I recommend Vision Creating every 3 months to remain intentional and purpose driven in your life.

Your welcome email contains your personality profile (it's short, sweet and so 'ah-ha')

You will also get access to a special coaching call that I hosted for members where you will learn....

BONUS: Coaching Call

  • How I Vision Map to achieve anything I want (the most beautiful marriage, friendships, body & mind's all in your hands with this process)
  • Why understanding my personality has been critical to increasing my income from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.
  • The fear dissolving reframe that has you seeing fear in a completely new light! You'll never be afraid of it again. 

Yep. That's right! I now look forward to fear and dive right in because I know the benefit that sits on the other side. I'll teach this to you.

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